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Introduction of Photography Workshops

I have added a new page to the website which is called 'Photography Workshops'. For those that don't already know I have decided to embark on a new branch of the business by offering these photography learning courses. The main emphasis being on Portrait and Wedding photography means that I will be able to share my knowledge on such matters.

You may be thinking that all of these courses will be non stop photography and talking about settings and all sorts of camera language, however that is not always the case. Another aim of the courses are to share with people what working at a wedding day is actually like. For example, Time Management, How do approach clients and guests on the day, coordinating with other professionals working on the day and the business side of things such as advertising etc.

As these workshops are relatively new I am not sure if they will take off but I am hoping for good feedback from clients who take them on and hope to improve after every course!

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